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Crypto Trading - Technical Analysis Basics_500px

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading

For Beginners

This course is designed to help you gain a strong foundation for applying technical analysis to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Value Investing Fundamentals Image_500px

Value Investing Fundamentals

For Beginners

This course is designed to teach you how to invest profitably in undervalued companies by following 7 proven Warren Buffett's investing principles.

Technical Analysis Fundamentals_500px

Technical Analysis Fundamentals

For Beginners

This course is designed to help you understand all the basics of technical analysis and gain a strong foundation in 2 hours or less.

Day Trading and Swing Trading Basics_500px

Day Trading & Swing Trading

For Beginners

This course is designed to help you kick off your trading career by providing you with best technical analysis strategies, proven trading tactics and hacks.

Chart Pattern Trading Fundamentals_500px

Chart Pattern Trading

For Beginners

This course is designed to provide you with proven chart pattern trading strategies that you can apply for both day trading and value investing.

Candlestick Trading Fundamentals_500px

Candlestick Pattern Trading

For Beginners

This course is designed to teach you profitable candlestick pattern trading strategies that you can apply for both day trading and value investing.

What Our Students Are Saying...

"Terrific! This is a very good course. The lectures are very well prepared and the video covers examples where you can learn from real life experience. Fully recommended."

Marco Valverde

"Condensed and to the point, valuable info that I used right away to secure my gains while trading crypto...I am happy that I have a strategy to build upon now. Would definitely recommend."

Brandon Lee

"This was extremely informative and very easily explained. This seems like a great strategy to learn and use to make great investments. Would highly recommend!"

Jurgen Mallia

"I took a few courses, watched some free youtube videos, paid over 1000 dollars for a course once, but this has already been the most informative course. I am very grateful to have landed this one."

Nicholas Ramsey

"Learned a lot from the very first lesson. Completing this course, taking many notes, following the rules without interference from my emotions and practicing BEFORE getting into live trading was a good decision. This course will stock your mental toolbox."

Thomas R Matthews

"I'm completely newbie to the investing field and this course came out to be the best match for me. I had heard alot about value investing but this course introduced me the most fundamental and important aspects of it in a simplistic way! Thanks alot!"


financial literacy for all_500px

Financial Literacy For All

We have been producing top-notch, comprehensive, and affordable courses on financial trading and value investing for students all over the world since 2014.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a CEO, a trader, an investor, or just interested in what we do — we're here to help you build a better future.

We offer courses that answer ALL your investing and trading questions and show you what's working in the market right now. You'll learn like an insider and get access to all the resources you need to succeed.

learn from experts_500px

Learn From Experts

You'll never trade the same way again. Discover how we've helped countless people chase their dreams and change lives — and how we can help you.

There are no barriers to learning how to trade - you can start right now with the help of our trading community. Whether you're an absolute beginner or want to refine your skills, we have courses for you.

With our expert instructors and tailor-made curriculum for all levels, you will become a master of this field in no time.

trade less earn more_500px

Trade Less, Earn More!

It's not always easy to figure out the direction of the market. Novices often trade too much and end up losing their hard earned money.

We all know it's not easy to make money. Too many people are risking their nest eggs by trading blindly. There has to be a better way.

At WealthyEducation, we believe you should be capable of anything - it's just a matter of putting in the time and effort.

Affordable Training for Everyone...

Complete Beginners

Professional Traders

Value Investors

We Literally Wrote The Books on...


Financial Ratio Analysis

This ebook will teach you how to use financial ratios to spot performance trends of any business.


Value Investing

This ebook will teach you how to pick fundamentally strong, undervalued companies for explosive gains.


Dividend Investing

This ebook will teach you how to invest in dividend-paying companies to earn an extra source of income.


ETF Investing

This ebook will teach you how to take advantage of compound interest to effortlessly grow your investments.

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