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Intrinsic Value Calculator

Intrinsic Value Calculator

(Updated 2023)

Intrinsic Value Calculator is a well-tested stock valuation tool that will help you calculate the intrinsic value of any business fast. 

Calculating intrinsic value in real life requires you to follow a lot of steps, and the process is very time-consuming and complicated for those who have no background in finance.

For this reason, we have developed this simple tool to help you automate the entire of your valuation process.

Here's what you will get:

  • Estimate the intrinsic value of any business instantly
  • Integrated Margin of Safety - You can set your own Margin of Safety!
  • Automatically provide stock valuation results and buying / selling recommendations
  • Automatically provide access links to your company's profile & financial statements

Disclaimer: This material is used for informational or educational purposes only.

Value Investing Scorecard

Value Investing Scorecard

(Updated 2023)

Value Investing Checklist is a self-help investment planning tool developed based on our exclusive investment criteria. 

The tool will help you evaluate any company's fundamentals by using a set of well-tested value investment criteria. It will automatically rank your stock and provide investment recommendations.

Disclaimer: This material is used for informational or educational purposes only.

Market Risk Premium Data

(Updated 2023)

Market Risk Premium is the expected rate of return on an investment portfolio over the Risk Free Rate required by the investors.

The required risk premium will differ among different investors because they come up with a different level of risk tolerance and investing styles.

Market Risk Premium Data is used for estimating the Discount Rate (WACC) in order to calculate Intrinsic Value of a stock.

Disclaimer: This material is used for informational or educational purposes only.

Free Financial Ratio Analysis Ebook

Financial Ratio Analysis

Discover the power of financial ratios in this ebook and uncover performance trends of any business like a pro!

Free Value Investing Ebook

Value Investing

Discover hidden gems in the stock market and achieve explosive gains with this ebook's value investing strategies.

Free Dividend Investing Ebook

Dividend Investing

Discover the power of dividend investing and unlock a reliable income stream with this exciting ebook guide.

Free Etf Investing Ebook

ETF Investing

Discover the secret to effortless investment growth with this ebook on harnessing the power of compound interest.

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