The Best Digital Resources for Honing Your Trading Skills

There’s no doubt about it: learning how to trade can be particularly challenging. That all boils down to how complex trading can be in the first place.

With all the terms, strategies, market types, and event patterns you need to know about, it isn’t easy to wrap your head around the concepts and overall knowledge you need to open and close positions to your advantage. 

Fortunately, you’re living in the digital age. What that means is that you can now access countless online resources that can break down and even visualize everything you want to know about trading.

The Best Digital Resources For Honing Your Trading Skills
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Since it provides more ways to learn, is accessible, and can more deeply engage you in the material for an over 60% increase in knowledge retention, digital learning can also be as effective as—if not more effective than—its in-person counterpart. 

That said, there’s one question left to answer: what are the best digital resources for honing your trading skills? Here are a few you can try. 


When it comes to trading, it’s often wise to learn from the best names in the game. That’s what books offer.

Meticulously written, reviewed, and edited, they guarantee comprehensive overviews of the trading topic of your choice. However, you may not have the time, budget, or energy to read through full books. That’s okay—just pick up an audiobook. 

As narrated works, audiobooks offer all the same benefits as books, but with greater accessibility.

Whether you experience visual impairments, spend most of your time commuting, or are tight on cash, you can grab and make your way through audiobooks more easily than regular ones.

As exemplified by Everand’s audiobook library, that’s especially true when you get them via subscription.

You can access thousands of audiobooks on trading for a flat monthly fee, including major titles like Mark Douglas’ Trading in the Zone and more niche works like The Candlestick Course by Steve Nison.

Audiobooks are also easy to download and listen to offline, so you can quite literally learn more about trading whenever you have some free time. 


Like audiobooks, podcasts are endlessly accessible and easy to go through. Uniquely, though, it tackles one major issue with honing your trading skills: you never really grasp new concepts until you know how to apply them in real life.

Often hosted by experienced traders themselves, these discuss current events and changes that can affect the trade decisions you make. That’s especially crucial in markets like forex, where even a second can make or break your chances of turning a profit. 

You can easily see the ease of use, exclusive content, enhanced listening experience, and topic diversity you can get with the trading podcasts in Spotify’s podcast catalog.

The shows here come from the biggest authorities in trading, as exemplified by titles like IG Trading the Markets and Mad Money, which is hosted by none other than successful former Wall Street hedge fund manager Jim Cramer.

Like audiobooks, you can download podcasts for offline listening. You even get customizable playback options, perfect if you want to absorb information at a more relaxed pace or relisten to a particularly crucial point. 

Video tutorials 

Trading often involves reading graphs and charts, and this is one essential skill you can’t learn via the audio format. Since visual aids also help you retain up to 80% more information, you may want to learn with an online resource you can digest with your eyes. That’s where video tutorials on sites like YouTube can help. 

Thanks to countless channels like Trade Brains and Asset Yogi, there are thousands of videos out there specifically designed to simplify every trading topic under the sun using exciting and immersive graphics—whether you just need a refresher on what pips are or want to take a deep dive into the world of day trading Bitcoin and Ethereum.

And since they can last for as little as two minutes or as long as an hour, you can watch videos that perfectly suit the time and attention span you have at any given moment. The best part? Anyone with an internet connection can access them for free. 

Online courses

For a holistic learning strategy, add an immersive online resource to the list: online trading courses. Unlike other educational formats, online courses give you the opportunity to immediately have all your burning questions answered by your expert instructor.

You’ll also benefit from lesson plans specifically curated to give you a “big picture” perspective of all the strategies you can try for different kinds of trading, posing the perfect opportunity for you to find one that will benefit your trades the most. 
You’ll get all that and more with the courses available here on Wealthy Education.

Whether you’re new to trading or more experienced, you can access introductory courses, boot camps, and even master classes for multiple kinds of trading, whether you’d like to work with Bitcoin and stocks or want to sharpen your technical analysis know-how.

With such courses often made even more accessible with limited-time offers, you can easily become a ninja trader and gain the skills you need to close more profitable positions moving forward. 

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice or recommendations to buy or sell any securities.

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