Sought-after Localities With Cozy Houses In Florida, Or How To Become The Owner Of Attractive Housing

People with different prosperity can acquire a cozy studio or a prestigious villa in Miami Beach. The highest real estate price is $170,000,000, and the lowest is $310,000. There are numerous property options in other parts of Florida. One of the most sought-after locations in the state is Miami-Dade. The administrative center of the district is Miami. Citizens of different countries choose Miami and Miami Beach not only to have some rest but also to reside here permanently. In addition to these hot spots in Florida, there are other tempting locations in the Sunshine State. Florida.RealEstate wants to take a closer look at some of them to reveal all their features.

Talking about Florida housing projects

How To Become The Owner Of Attractive Housing

When it comes to local housing projects, we see snow-white Miami with its elite skyscrapers and a wonderful beach. However, there are many other famous cities in this small (by area) and one of the largest (by population) states of the United States, such as Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa.

Most foreigners come here to lead a fast life, which determines their choice of real estate. A small eco-villa or a house among orange groves is not the most sought-after property. According to most homebuyers, Florida real estate consists of luxury beachfront properties. Its climate allows you to relax here all year round – a great deal of entertainment complements the weather advantages of the region.

However, the southeastern United States is associated with hurricanes, storms, and typhoons in news reports – the local nature is cruel to this fertile land. Unlike residents of “cardboard houses”, foreigners in the Sunshine State choose more decent housing, which regularly increases in price and emphasizes the owner’s status.

Interesting places to purchase a Seaview house in Florida

Palm Bay

It is located in the central part of the state, on its eastern coast. There is an Interstate Highway 95 near the city. It takes a few minutes to get to the airport in the nearby city of Melbourne by car. The city offers its residents cozy green spaces to visit, such as Castaway Point Park, the Turkey Creek Nature Reserve, and Fred Poppe Park. Moreover, there are hiking trails and numerous sandy beaches.

The educational system is well-developed. There is a campus of Florida Oriental College and various private and public schools. There are many polyclinics in the city. There is a regional medical complex in Melbourne, which is 8 minutes away by car. The cost of living here is 11% lower than the US average.

The median real estate value is $155,000. The median annual household income is $51,400. 74.5% of locals have their apartments and villas in the city. As experts say, it is better to pick up properties in the following communities:

    • You can become the owner of a cozy home for $175,000- $350,000. The district is a suburb.

    • Parkside West. House prices start at $250,000 and end at about $350,000.

    • Magnolia Park at Bayside Lakes offers villas for sale for $275,000-$350,000.

    • Riviera Key. You can purchase a local home for $200,000-$275,000. There is a highway nearby, but there are large natural areas favorable for the local ecology.

    • The Port Malabar Country Club sells various properties for $150,000- $450,000.

Palm Coast

The city is located on the eastern coast of the Sunshine State. There are numerous green parks, eco-trails, and sandy beaches to have some rest. Additionally, Palm Coast is home to several golf clubs, colleges, and schools.

The cost of living here is 4% lower than the US average and 3% higher than, for example, in Jacksonville. The median housing price is $209,000. The median annual household income is $54,300. 74.3% of residents have their properties in the city.

Real estate hunters can purchase cozy houses and apartments in the following localities:

    • Palm Harbour offers houses for sale for $150,000-$450,000. This area was the most tempting destination among expats in 2023.

    • Cypress Knoll is the downtown. This place has high prices starting at $525,000. The highest house price is $700,000.

    • Lehigh Woods puts up for sale various apartments and houses for $225,000-$475,000.

    • Quail Hollow is located next to the highway. The infrastructure of this district is developing. Customers can become happy homeowners for $225,000- $425,000.

    • Matanzas Woods offers the same prices as in Quail Hollow.

Summing up

People of all ages and nationalities from around the world are moving to this favorable place. There are many opportunities to obtain secondary, specialized secondary and higher education. Most communities of Florida cities are advanced or actively developing.

There are exciting theme parks, sandy beaches, amazing nature reserves, golf courses, educational institutions, medical centers, shopping and entertainment complexes, fine restaurants, cozy cafes, and more. All this makes the region much more sought-after and local housing is in great demand among real estate hunters from around the world.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article are for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice or recommendations to buy or sell any securities.

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